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If you’re new to listening to podcasts, you may not understand the options for following and listening to the show. You can just use the player on the website or download the file, which is fine if you’re just checking us out, but the process can also be automated by using a podcatcher, an app that manages your subscriptions and downloads episodes for you. This is especially popular on mobile devices so you can listen to your favorite podcasts anytime and anywhere. Keep reading or better yet, just skip down to the section that fits your situation:


Unfortunately Android doesn’t natively come with a podcatcher. You can use Stitcher (free) and add us to your playlist. There are also a lot of other great free and paid options available in the Play Store. Once you’ve installed a podcatcher, just search for us in the directory. If you don’t find us, you can manually copy and paste the feed address (at the top of the left sidebar labeled as “Podcast” or “Audio OGG”) into the subscribe URL feed. If you have to do that, please shoot us an email so we can submit our show to your app’s directory. We are working on an app and hope to have it out this summer.

iOS Devices

Even though iOS devices are a relatively small minority in the mobile market, they are the most popular devices of any kind for consuming podcasts. One reason for this is their native Podcast app. Just search for us (and subscribe) from within the app or click the “iTUNES” link at the top of the left sidebar and subscribe to the show in iTunes. We are working on an app and hope to have it out this summer.

Windows Phone

In Windows Phone 7 open up the “Marketplace”, then select “Podcasts”, search for us, and subscribe. Then to play the show, open up “Music+Videos”, flick to Zune, then tap “Podcasts”. You can also follow the same steps in the Zune application on your PC.

In Windows Phone 8 select “Podcasts” from your app list, swipe to “Get podcasts”, search for Atheist Nomads, and subscribe. You should then be able to find us in the “Podcasts” app in your “Favorites” or “Collection”.


Search for us in the BlackBerry podcast directory and subscribe.


You can always listen to the show using the player on the homepage each episode’s page or you can download the file and listen to it in your computer’s media player. Some media players allow for subscribing to podcasts and will act as a podcatcher, to do this, just use the “Subscribe” links found at the top of the left sidebar (may require copying and pasting the URL for the RSS feed). Now you just need to have a way to find out when we publish a new episode. You can subscribe in an RSS reader if you use one; follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr and hope you don’t miss a post; signup for the e-mail list using the form to the right; or become a patron and set it up to email you when we publish a new episode.


Some smart TVs, set top boxes, and game consoles are able to serve as a podcatcher. A Google search should have the details for you, just don’t forget to include the specifics of the device model you have in that search.

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