Episode 90 – News for April 16, 2015


* Changes to the Audio Setup* We were on the Imaginary Friends Show


* 1889 – Charlie Chaplin was born* 1947 – Grandcamp explosion kills hundreds* 1972 – Apollo 16 departs for moon This is the 5th of 6 lunar landings* 2007 – Virginia Tech Massacre


The bird phylogenetic tree get’s a needed makeoverBrontosaurus is back!California Senate vaccination bill passes first committeeOttawa mom defects from anti-vax movement after all seven children get whooping cough


South Carolina says the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to gays because it didn’t apply to womenFlorida House passes bill to legalize all kinds of religiously motivated adoption discriminationAlabama Senate passes bill to affirm right to display religious symbolsIndiana backs down on religiousIowa representative turns back on Wiccan invocationAt mormon conference some openly opposed the leadershipNRA seminar claims there are Sharia no-go zones in the USTexas church members starve two year old to death then try to resurrect him


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