Episode 82 – When will Alabama get with the times?

* Promo courtesy of Atheists in the Trailer Park* We also mentioned Library theft* 1957 – Falco born* 2002 – NASA’s Mars Odyssey space probe begins mapping


NASA plans a Titan submarineNational Academy of Sciences says we should look into geoengineering“Deuce Bigalow” star goes nuts over new California vaccine law


TN Supreme Court upholds faith-healing conviction

* All about Alabama and marriage equality

Roy Moore tried to override the federal court ruling to keep fathers and daughters from getting marriedMost judges are now complyingRoy Moore thinks his religious views outrank the Supreme CourtThe KKK is backing MooreThomas and Scalia admit that marriage equality is coming nation wide

New Jersey judge finds gay conversion therapy to be fraudFFRF sues over school prayer in GeorgiaCongressman has bill renumbered to avoid 666


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