Episode 74 – The War on Christmas


* Year 1 Anno Domini – Jesus is born and the first Christmas! History.com | Wikipedia | (and a bit about “Did Coke invent the modern St Nick?” Hint: no)* 1996 – Jon Benet Ramsey murdered


The robowormUnexpected methane findings on MarsDouble amputee gets two mind controlled prostheticsCalgary child tooth decay up since ending fluoridation


* Update: Albany parents get 10 years for religious medical neglectParents charged in infants death caused by strict Adventist dietIsis slaughters 150 women for refusing Jihad marriage | Guidelines for handling female captivesAustralian Catholics admit to link between celibacy and raping childrenOhio requires churches to be involved in new school program

War on Christmas 2014* Jesus is the reason for the season, even for HanukkahSatanist display in Michigan CapitolFlorida has a Festivus pole again this yearFlorida town sells city hall nativity display * Congressman trying to save Christmas from us


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