Episode 58 – Getting Geopolitical

In this episode we go off topic and delve in the current geopolitical issues of Ferguson, MO, Ukraine, Iraq, Gaza, and Rick Perry. Our normal programming will be back next time.


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Recorded for release on 2014-08-21

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  1. Thanks for making a shorter episode, I hadn’t realised how long it had been since I listened to an ep. I may be the embodiment of the tl;dr(l) type, but as my podcast queue is so long I have had to put longer ones on the back burner to be listened to later, though it is becoming less and less likely I will ever get back around to them all, but under 1-hour episodes are much more digestible and avoid the skip button . 😉

  2. One thing you can always do is split it yourself, listen to the news, then come back for the interview later.

  3. Some of the older episodes that are in my queue are part-listened-to as you suggested, but it just difficult to get back to them and when I do it is confusing because it often starts in the middle of something. Not very organised on my part, I know.

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