Episode 53 – A Welcome Rant with Jaclyn Glenn


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* 1939 – The Baseball Hall of Fame opens in Cooperstown, New York* 1963 – Medgar Evers assassinated* 1975 – Indira Gandhi convicted of election fraud* 1987 – Reagan challenges Gorbachev


Plastic rocks in HawaiiTelporting dataEvolution silences cricketsPoll shows that 42% of Americans are creationistsRegrowing teeth with lasers!CDC blames anti-vaxxers for 20 year high in measles cases


Update – Beliefs are admissible in faith healing trialCourt officiant refuses to marry atheistsNavy rejects humanist chaplain applicationTexas County approves 10 Commandment monument

US – Religion

Utah tax-shelter church loses appealWoman takes sermon seriously, kills partner’s kid

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Recorded for release on 2014-06-12

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