Episode 50 – We Need a DJ at this Party with DJ Grothe!


*FDA’s new tobacco regulations | CASAA | FDA | Reuters | Dimishpre


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* 1926 – Ford factory workers get 40-hour week * 1933 – Humanist Manifesto I * 1960 – American U-2 spy plane shot down * 2003 – Record-breaking tornado wave begins * 1776 – Illuminati

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY * Powdered Alcohol! * Monkey Math * Tweaking genes to restore hearing * WHO speaks out against anti-vaxers


* Missouri GOP seeks to impeach governor over gay joint tax filings * AFA thinks “Homosexual aggression” has banned Christians from seven jobs * Crucifix for John Paul II kills a man ahead of canonisation * Oregon couple doesn’t want jury to know about their faith-healing beliefs * Warlock coerced kids into sex for magical healing * Parent’s were cool with minister’s sexual exploitation of their children

INTERVIEW – DJ Grothe, President of the James Randi Educational Foundation * JREF * An Honest Liar * YouTube * The Amaz!ng Meeting

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Recorded for release on 2014-05-01

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