Episode 15 – Medicine, Vaccines, and the Land Down Under with Dr. Rachael Dunlop

Recorded on 11/25/12 and 11/02/12 for release on 11/29/12

0:00:25 INTRO

  • Clarification on Mormon underwear from Dustin’s contact
  • Temple recommend questions and official rules on the Mormon underwear

0: 14:27 FEEDBACK – Our first hate mail

0:17:19 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – November 29



0:51:44 MUSIC – Eve by Shelley Segal (Used by permission)

0:55:54 FEATURE – Interview with Dr. Rachael Dunlop

Dr Rachael Dunlop has a PhD from Sydney University Medical School and works full time in motor-neuron disease and aging disorders research and is a Vice President of the NSW committee of Australian Skeptics.

She is also part of the Mystery Investigators show for schools and co-organizes the Sydney Skeptics meet-up group, is a reporter on the Skeptic Zone podcast, and contributes to The Sceptics’ Book of Pooh-Pooh blog.

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  1. I think the correct term for the displacement of Japanese in the Seattle area is “Interment Camps” not “Concentration Camps.” The poor Aussie, Dr. Dunlop thinks we probably nuked our Japanese citizens in Seattle. No… we only did that in Japan.

  2. I got a feeling the Germans didn’t call them concentration camps either.

  3. Nina, thank you for the feedback and the reminder that it brings that I want to discuss this stuff. I didn’t talk about it in episode 15 because you don’t talk about the interview before it in a show and I wasn’t able to be part of the interview.

  4. I know some journalists have referred to Japanese internment camps as America’s Concentration Camps to be sensational. However, I think the accepted term is internment… especially in front of prison colonist… uh.. Aussies.

  5. It’s common for people to generalize similar concepts under similar terms, it’s also common for people to judge past actions based on currently common knowledge and values.

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