Making the podcast cost money and upgrades cost even more, any thing extra is also greatly appreciated since the podcast takes a lot of time and is our second greatest source of income. Thanks to the support of our listeners we’ve kept this show going since it’s launch in 2012 and it’s survived unemployment, job changes, marriage, and even a baby.

Oo4th_patreon_namePatreon let’s you support us on a per-episode basis starting as low as $1 per episode. Of course you can put in a monthly max. Since we release scheduled weekly, this means that we normally have four episodes a month, but this may vary and at least twice a year there should be five in a month. Patreon also provides it’s own RSS feed where you can occasional get extended episodes and other bonus content.

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Donors – Various one time donations and past sponsors

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  • Robert Ray from the Humanists of the North Puget Sound
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