Atheist Nomads Episode 8 – Foxhole Atheists with Justin Griffith and Christopher Herr

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05:27 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – August 16




SGT Justin Griffith, USA, is the Military Director for American Atheists and was the project lead for the original Rock Beyond Belief at Fort Brag and SSgt Christopher Herr, USMC, is the project lead for Rock Beyond Belief 2 that is being planned for Camp Pendleton.

***The views expressed by our guests are their own and do not represent the views of the DoD, US Army, or US Marine Corp.***

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  1. Screw me huh?!?!?!! Seriously, you don’t make that kind of money bubba! lol Another great show. This one ties in nicely with the work Mikey Weinstein is doing over at the MRFF. I was fortunate in that my time iin the Coast Guard was spent on Cutters with moderate believers and we were never forced into anything other than “securing games of chance” on Sundays while services were being held for the five guys out of a hundred and eighty that actually went. It’s funny how the members of our Armed Forces are taught to never back down from a fight UNLESS that fight contradicts the Christianity du jour.

  2. Oh goodness… you were a coastie too? Man, what a missed opportunity.

  3. Yeah, we did have the Official Ship’s Chaplain who took it upon himself to confiscate any porn we had playing on the Rec Decks. I always thought it was kind of chicken shit but what’s an E5 going to do about it when the Chaplain was a Warrant Officer? This is the same guy that wouldn’t let the Main Prop guys listen to a radio down in the Engine Room while in port because that “Rock and Roll stuff was of the Devil”. Sheesh.

    • Roni on November 16, 2012 at 12:38 pm

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