Atheist Nomads Episode 6 – Recovering from Religion with Jerry DeWitt


Dustin got a tattoo to commemorate the five year anniversary of his apostasy and talks about that very dark weekend leading up to his freedom.
You can find Dustin talking about some of the sexual issues he ran into on Living After Faith

0:10:04 THIS DAY IN HISTORY July 19

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0:31:20 – INTERVIEW

Joining us for the feature segment is Jerry DeWitt, Executive Director of Recovering From Religion. Jerry is a former Pentecostal minister and the first graduate of the Clergy Project. We discuss the Clergy Project, Recovering from Religion, how his recovery has gone, Amerigod, and so much more.

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The music is provided by Sturdy Fred.

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  1. I’m really enjoying the format of your show. It would be too easy (and redundant, for that matter) to talk only about atheism and debunking theism. There’s a limit to what one can talk about in regards to that, and you guys don’t get stuck there. Instead, you are right up there with a well-conceived cable news show, as you look at history, science, and politics/religion/culture – but through a pro-reason and logic lens. Kudos! You make your podcast a cut above many of your fellow atheist competitors. I will be listening regularly.

  2. Wow, thanks. That’s what we were going for.

  3. I really enjoyed your interview with Jerry DeWitt. He was able to put some things into perspective for me that I didn’t realize I was having trouble with. Thanks for having him on the show!

  4. Jerry is a blessing for our side. Seriously. So affable and charismatic (in a good way)… He knows the pain of reason and logic as he reconciled an existence that does not have a god… His helping the Recovering From Religion foundation is the perfect fit in the community.

    I only meet him in person for a couple minutes, but I feel he really wears his heart on his sleeve. That comes through when he speaks. Love the guy. If I ever meet him again, he’s getting a big hug

  5. My podcast software is unable to download your feed. I downloaded the first 5, but it said that the server was unknown when I tried to download the 6th. I’m on an android if that helps. I really enjoy your podcasts!

  6. Jag Farran — Are you trying to get the MP3 or OGG feed? I am using Doggcatcher on my android phone and tablet to sync our MP3 feed (among others). Feed address that I use is:

  7. Check to see if you can reach the site. We’ve had some down time due to a problem at the data center and me tweaking the resources to try to keep the costs down. If you’re still having issues email me at [email protected] and I’ll work with you when I get off work. – Dustin

  8. We’re back on line and the feed should be available.

  9. Jag Farran, any luck?

  10. Yes, thanks guys! It is working now.

  11. I’m glad to hear it.

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