Episode 3 – Local Community


Think of podcasts like software development. The alpha builds are out of the way, now we’re moving into beta testing.

We then geek out for a bit talking about how Skype for Linux has finally made it out of beta and jumped from version 2.2 beta to 4.0. Dustin then rambles on about his current KDE setup.

0:04:15 THIS DAY IN HISTORY: June 21

0:16:09 SCIENCE

I guess we never stopped geeking out…

0:24:13 OTHER NEWS

0:38:31 Dustin contacted Samuel Pipim, but he hasn’t responded yet. You can contact him too.

0:39:47 Dustin talks about how he ditched cigarettes.

0:46:31 We then talk about our local groups, Wesley’s Kitsap Atheists and Agnostics and Kitsap County Skeptics and Dustin’s West Valley Freethinkers, Cosmos Coffee Club, and Idaho Atheists.

If you’d like to contact us, you can email us at contact@atheistnomads.com or leave us a message at (541) 203-0666.

On a side note, I edit the podcast using Audacity. After I split the stereo recording into two separate mono tracks I take a 5-10 second segment where that track is virtually silent to generate the noise profile for noise removal on that track. I then do the same thing to the other track. Then after cleaning things up I’m now trying a few new things, including truncate silence with a compression ratio of 4:1 and minimum and maximums of 200 ms and 500 ms, respectively, although next time I’m thinking about possibly 100 ms and 250 ms. I then added 4 db of base boost at 200 Hz, then normalized both tracks together. I also tried splitting high and low level editing into separate passes, but I don’t know that it really helped, although the fact I made two passes definitely allowed me to catch more ums, stutters, mouse clicks, etc. Any suggestions from the pros out there?

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