Atheist Nomads Episode 28 – The honorary last episode of Chariots of Iron

One year down! New theme music is on its way. We are joined by Eli and Lamar of Chariots of Iron.

I have uploaded the Chariots of Iron archives to our sever.

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Theme music is provided by Sturdy Fred.

Recorded 05/24/13 for release on 05/30/13

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  1. I really enjoy listening to your show. I just had an issue with the ‘Lesbian Florida teen charged with felony sexual charges’ section of the show. The information from you put out was wrong. The girls didn’t start dating and had sexual relationship until they were 18 and 14. The 14 year old didn’t turn 15 until this year. I can understand getting the information wrong because there is so much misinformation on this case alone.

    Because Kate was caught and punished by her coach. She was asked repeatedly to leave the victim alone. She ignored the punishment and those requests, and continued the relationship. Bringing the victim to her home overnight, without the parent’s knowledge or permission, is what got the police involved.

    Had she not taken that last step, she would not be facing any charges. And I suspect that stubborn refusal to back off the relationship, not to mention her parent’s smear campaign against the victim’s parents, is not helping her in any way.

    1. That goes against every article I’ve seen on the topic. So I must ask, what is your citation for this?

  2. Almost every article I found says that the victim was 14 at the time of the sexually relationship.

    • Dominic on June 5, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    As you mentioned on your last episode, I found your podcast after it was mentioned on the SGU podcast. It’s not always easy finding good, quality pod casts of these topics on I tunes. I downloaded the last couple episodes and listened to them while at work. Your show is nothing like SGU especially this episode. As much as i love the SGU podcast it can be very PC and structured. You try to be structured with informative discussions and news but my ADHD was in heaven with the humor, F bombs and discussion tangents. I was enjoying this episode so much i didn’t realize the time and worked right through my lunch break. So, you suck. Keep up the good work. You gained a subscriber and will get a 5 star rating from me on I tunes.

    • Paul on June 6, 2013 at 10:01 am

    Sorry Wesley but that article about Scalia resigning isn’t real. However this one I’m sure about:
    (Borrowitz is a fantastic satirist.)

    Love the show!

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