Atheist Nomads Episode 11 – Balls to the Wall with JT Eberhard

Recorded September 22 for release on September 27





0:52:01 MUSIC – The Existential Blues by Arthur Thomas Heist (Used by permission)

0:54:23 FEATURE – Interview with JT Eberhard
JT Eberhard blogs at What Would JT Do on Patheos and also contributes to He is a co-founder of Skepticon, lead in the organizing of Skepticon 1, 2, and 3, and served as the Secular Student Alliance’s High School Specialist for a year and a half. Now JT is a full time writer and public speaker.

Aside from discussing his activism and writing, we discussed many topics of geeky interest.

Also joining us briefly was JT’s roommate Cambrige.

2:00:10 Poor Unfortunate Souls as performed by JT Eberhard in his operatic karaoke style. (Used by permission)

2:04:16 BLOOPERS

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Theme music is provided by Sturdy Fred.

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    • Anita on July 4, 2014 at 3:59 am

    In relation to Paul and Sinead’s potnis I might just briefly mention that it seems there is some confusion between religious instruction and religious education.Sunday Schools, for example, would provide the instruction side of things while schools, if they were to provide a full and thorough education, should provide religious education.Let’s not forget that education is for the benefit of the child, it should prepair the child for the world and, like it or lump it, a large population follows one religion or another (or none, of course).No one religion should be given partrticular attention and children should have, at the very least, a familiarity with the major religions.In my view, a full education should include world religions so that pluralism, integration and interculturalism is promoted.Everyone has the right to hold and express their own individual beliefs but they should too be aware that their religion, or lack of, is not the only belief nor is it a superior one.

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