Atheist Nomads Episode 34 – Atheism in the North Puget Sound with Robert Ray

* Humans take robots jobs!
* Light the Night | National | Dustin
* Foundation Beyond Belief

* Virginia Dawn


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* Robert Ray from the Humanists of the North Puget Sound
* Virginia Dawn
* Russ from the Kitsap Atheists & Agnostics

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* Vernware

* 1774 – First Continental Congress convenes
* 1970 – U.S. forces launch last major American operation of the war
* 1975 – Gerald Ford survives first assassination attempt
* 1972 – Arab terrorists take Israeli hostages at the Olympics

* Curiosity can now drive itself
* 3-D printing in space
* ALMA is OOS due to strike
* Whales burn and tan
* The East Coast bottlenose dolphin viral die off
* Google Palestine hacked

* Crucified bus drivers
* Megachurch measles outbreak in Texas
* MAJ Nidal Hasan want’s the death penalty and gets it
* North Korea executes musicians for pornography
* Zurich, Switzerland opens up prostitution drive in’s
* Artist fleas Russia after paintings of Putin in lingerie are ceased
* US Marines consider the nonreligious to be “at risk”
* FFRF wins standing in Parish Exemption case


Robert Ray, President of the Humanists of the North Puget Sound

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  1. Hey guys I thought I would add a few links for those group we talked about on the show.
    Humanists Of Marysville and Everett
    Humanists Of North Puget Sound
    Whatcom Freethinkers
    Whidby Island Freethinkers

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